Try the most fun way to learn languages with the help of memes from movies, books and games

EWA combines the best-in-class learning methods with your favorite movie characters and most beloved books.
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Master your reading and listening skills

Quickly raise your vocabulary while enjoying reading or listening to your favorite books and audiobooks. A Library of thousands of your beloved books, featuring translation, transcription, and pronunciation of every word is waiting for you.
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I like very much. The coolest function is that you can immediately tap and translate words, it’s very convenient 👍 there are a lot of books of different complexity, exercises and all sorts of things! 😌
Жанысбекова Римма
If anything is unclear while reading, you can just tap a word and the translation is right there, it’s very convenient
Super convenient application. I read books in it. It's convenient to choose them according to the complexity. Easy to read. There are paid and free versions. Everything is super :)
Good app. Especially I like listening to books and reading. If a word is unfamiliar, you can stop to parse it and add it to the words for memorization.
The most convenient application for learning English, I prefer it to the others. Thanks to the developers ❤️

Start speaking with your favorite movie characters

English learning has never been this simple and pleasant. Just watch pieces from famous movies and popular TV shows. Movie characters will show you what, when, and how to say it, providing English learning with the help of conversational speech.
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Repeat effectively with games

In between video courses and reading books, you can always relax by playing educational games. They are easy enough so you can enjoy them and informative enough to consolidate your language knowledge.
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