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EWA For Business is a flexible and effective language learning system for companies
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Our system provides effective language training for your employees

Join more than 50 million of our users and learn English together with us. The content adapts to your requirements, so each employee will have an opportunity to learn a foreign language in a way that's interesting and convenient to them.
Movies and TV shows
Courses based on movies and TV shows will teach your employees to comprehend conversational English by listening to it.
Books and Audiobooks
Books and audiobooks will help your employees improve the vocabulary quickly and effectively and start communicating in English fluently.
Reading of up-to-date articles in English will help master a business foreign language quickly.

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Lessons based on modern English speech

English learning has never been this simple and pleasant. Just watch pieces from famous movies and popular TV shows. Movie characters will show you what, when and how to say it, providing English learning with the help of conversational speech.

Books and audiobooks

Read books in their original language! Understand the meaning of an unknown word or get the translation of a whole sentence in context. Often on the road? Many audio books are available. But if our library isn't enough, there's always an opportunity to upload your own books.

Articles on up-to-date topics

Anytime you want to read something more serious, you can go to a section with articles and choose the most interesting one to you. The same as in books, you'll have an ability to know the meaning of an unknown word or a sentence.

Reviews of our users

Great app, I enjoyed reading the first English book in my life. Very convenient!
Yesnes, 23.03.2021
Super app
I like it very much! Everything's available, clear and very interesting
Nastushk a, 30.03.2021
Very functional app!
Very functional app! I'm delighted. The first app I haven't deleted right after installing. Moreover, even in a free version.
Indian Blue, 28.03.2021
Very high-quality app for learning English, several minutes a day.
Kseniya Snowelle, 26.03.2021
Very convenient app, especially convenient to read books with translation. Lessons are also very cool
yablevanulfu, 16.09.2020
Learning from movies is very interesting, the authors have a great sense of humor, thus the lessons can be completed in a very easy and fun way :)
masha265472, 20.03.2021
An unusual approach, I like it, I have no problems with it and it doesn't allow me to forget anything. Sometimes it's funny)
Zolmansb, 25.03.2021
The best app for learning English
Super app! It's easy to study in a playful way
Frag3323, 26.03.2021
50+ millions users
More than 1000 hours of language courses
Rating 4.8 out of 5 in AppStore and Google Play

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